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For students focused on developing the future-centered competencies.

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LETI AI contestants get the following services and opportunities

- Feedback and support by AI experts for international participants delivered throughout all contest program
- Cases to solve related to most popular AI Master’s courses.
- Access to the knowledge base on the Moodle platform for all registered participants
- Case solution is accepted as an entrance test to ETU LETI Masters’ Programs
- International participants get benefits of LETI’s international exchange programs. Benefits of LETI’s international exchange programs.
- LETI coins for all participants. LETI Coin is a Unit of Benefit, which you can exchange for bonuses giving you an advantage at the entrance exams and/or participation in the education programs of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University.

Three contest tracks belong to the following thematic fields

Track 1 Autonomous intellectual systems
Track 2 AI in physiology and medicine science
Track 3 AI Security and Ethics

Contest Stages

- Each track opens with the online introductory lecture.
- Contestants get cases with startup package including
o recommendations how to earn maximum scoring points
o milestones and deadlines
o evaluation criteria, etc.
- Case solutions are uploaded to the Moodle platform for the Jury evaluation. A participant can solve cases from all three tracks, the solutions are evaluated independently, and points are summed up.

Participant’s bonuses

- All participants get certificates with the contest themes and subject matter mentioned.
- Successfully solved cases can be accepted as tests for entrance exams
- Winners get diplomas with LETI coins, providing bonuses at the university entrance exams.


Autonomous Intellectual Systems

AI in physiology and medicine

AI Security and Ethics

This case offers several cryptography and security problems, it follows the Olympiad principle. So its tasks are not interrelated, and the points are earned independently for each task. Cryptography knowledge is not needed to solve the case tasks, they are aimed at testing the logical abilities of contestants. Cryptography is currently used in all AI systems to ensure data transfer security, user authorization, access differentiation, secure data storage and user identification. These tasks give contestants an opportunity to test their analytical skills and have a practical exercise with problem solutions integrated into the today’s cryptographic applications. Register and get personal access to cases on the Moodle platform.

Contest milestones

Sign up and register for cases .

Contestants get Moodle logins and passwords

Online consultations on request.

Case solutions on AI Security and Ethics.

Case solutions on Autonomous Intellectual Systems

Case solutions on AI in Physiology and Medicine Science

Summing up and winner announcement on AI Security and Ethics

Summing up and winner announcement on Autonomous Intellectual Systems

Summing up and winner announcement on AI in Physiology and Medicine Science